Swampcandy - Land (Digital Download)

Swampcandy - Land (Digital Download)

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© Swampcandy 2015
℗ Big Curve Music 2022

*Digital Download is in MP3 Format

This album is what Swampcandy would sound like if money was not a concern. It features new elements like a choir, five pice horn section, drums, middle eastern instruments, guest male and female vocals, fiddle and square neck dobro. It was captured and mixed by what two of the best guys in the business. It was Mastered for full definition in the low end. There is a game "Swampcandyland" that is a companion art piece to this collection available at live shows for a reasonable price. If you must have it it will be available on the website as well but shipping will be expensive.

Ruben Dobbs - Lyrics, Song Writing, Lead Vocal, Guitar, Mandolin, Jaw Harp, Hand Clapping Lynch Mob, and Trash Can
Joey Mitchell- Song Arrangement, Upright Bass, Additional Percussion and Kick Drum
Dominic Fragman- Drum Kit, Trash Can and Hand Clapping Lynch Mob
Kerra Holtgren- Vox on Drink Whiskey With Me
Ahren Buchheister- Horn arrangement for Drink Whiskey With Me, Square Neck Dobro on Positve Drinking
Jason Zeckowski- Tabla on Bottle Rocket and Additional Percussion though out
Brian Forte- Banjo and Harmony Vocals on Swampcandyland
Mark O'Dell- Mandolin on Swampcandyland
Choir Credits
Jeremy Scott Ragsdale- Vocal arrangements and tenor for the Choir on If I Die With My Eyes Open, Baseball Bats and Roll Jordan Roll
Benjamin Grant- Bass / Baritone in the Choir
Gillian McNeill Thompson- Alto in the Choir
Meg Murray- Alto/ Soprano in the Choir
Horn Section Credits
Larry Byrne - Sax
Andy Fegley - Trombone
Mark Mossey - Trumpet
Halley Shoenberg - Clarinet
Benjamin Grant - Sousaphone

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